The White Flag

  • If you believe people who make sacrifices to ensure that rule of law should be rewarded, and in no way punished, please sign this petition.
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  • Demand tighter regulations of toxic chemicals.
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  • One year later and the inhabitants of the gulf are still suffering, tell your representatives to support restoration of the gulf.
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  • Medicare helps many Americans in need, who otherwise would have no help, please support your nation, support Medicare.
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  • Health should come before profits. People get nothing when a gas company sells gas, but when they poison the water people do get sick, as do plants and animals. Demand protections from harmful business practices.
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  • GE made $40 billion, yet, I paid more in taxes than this company. In fact, anyone who paid taxes paid more than GE, in addition to not having to pay taxes they got a return in excess of $2 billion. That means Americans got nothing from GE and then paid GE $2 billion just for filing a tax return. Take action speak out against this injustice, our $13 trillion deficit will be paid for by today’s children and tomorrow’s grandchildren if we do nothing about it now.
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  • Tomorrow there will be gatherings of people all over the United States to put pressure on corporations who not only paid no taxes but in some cases received billions back for the IRS in returns. Go to the following website and find out where you can help make this message from the people one that can not be forgotten. In the coming year economists are saying another bubble will burst and more bailouts will be needed. Take tomorrow to be the day we try to prevent that from happening, and put America back on track.
    Take Action!
  • Tell congress to support a budget that puts average Americans first, and has actual mechanisms to pay off the national debt.
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  • Bees are an extremely important pollinator, help put pressure on the EPA to assure their safety is put before unnecessary profits.
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  • The War on Drugs fails to accomplish anything except damaging irresponsible youth with a record and imprisonment. Right now narcotics are poorly regulated, mostly by criminals who cannot get real jobs, and there is no age limit, all buyers with the money can get drugs. Please tell congress ‘No More Drug War.’
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  • All people are responsible for following the law in America, if not, we would have a dictatorship and not a republic.
    Take Action!
  • Tell the EPA that the air you breathe matters, demand protections against pollution.
    Take Action!

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