The White Flag

About Us

The world is in danger of being unattended to. An unkempt garden will become overgrown with weeds, and in the same way our nation, if allowed to grow in a natural course, will produce undesired outcomes. For instance, Without the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), our nation would still have many companies dumping trash into our waters, making water unsafe to drink, and lakes and stream unsafe for human activities. It was through the power of people who could no longer stand their environment being polluted that the EPA was created.

The White Flag is an organization with the intent of empowering people with knowledge and power, to make the world they wish for a reality. The world is the way it is because people allow it to be that way, we can change the world by changing the way we feel about the world. If we believe the world is stagnant and we are impotent to change the things around us, then that will most likely be the outcome. However, if we have the efficacy to believe that no matter what horrors people face, good will prevail, then I believe, especially in a country like America, that we can make it so.

How can you, one person, make a difference? First, you are not alone, everyone knows the government is less than perfect, we all just disagree on what needs to change, but there are people in the world who feel the way you do. If your goals are honorable, there will be people to support you. Second, you can change things by speaking up. The Internet allows people to obtain information instantly, and connect with nearly anyone. It is a very powerful tool and must be utilized to induce change.

Change will come from active citizens of democratic nations, not politicians like President Obama. It is a fallacy to think voting for one man, as opposed to another one, once every two years will change the political climate of America. Change must come from the governed, and it will require every citizen’s participation every day. This participation can be in the form of reading a news article, talking to a friend or coworker, or mailing a government official.


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