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Capitalism: Leave Your Hopes and Morals at the Door
April 17, 2011, 4:37 pm
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The narrow minded push their agenda hard in America, however, it is not the confused citizen who is to blame. For, citizens do not wish to pollute the environment, citizens to not wish to expose themselves to toxic chemicals, and citizens are not normally filled with glee as they poison themselves; it is corporations which benefit from selling cheap hazardous products to the public.

Where are the fail safes of the free market? In a time when the richer are more rich than ever, the working class should also have more than ever, yet this is not the case. The working class have less, are paid the same, and do more work for it.

The free market is no longer controlled by the customer because the customers has little means to inform themselves of whether the stores they shop at support political groups they oppose, how their workers are treated, what the company does with its profits and so on. So, the market does not have informed consumers who shop at the places with the best business practices. In fact, many of us find ourselves purchasing whatever costs least in these hard times, with no room to decide who sells the best products and has the best business practices.

Furthermore, consumers in America usually buy products they are comfortable with buying, things they have seen numerous advertisements for. The logic here is probably that the best company has the most excess of wealth to purchase all these ads, so many more people stick with that product because the ads they viewed, not because of any attributes the products attained.

Also, today’s businesses are traded on the public market, which means investors give companies money in hopes that one day they will make returns on that money. This means that companies are now obligated to raise stock prices to obtain more investments, some companies even go as far as to “cook their books” (meaning they make up profits), in order to artificially inflate their stock price. With 401 K’s and the public itself trading stock hoping to make high returns, even the public maintains the attitude that companies should raise stock prices above all else (not to mention the mantra of economic gurus and the media is the best, most profitable company is the one with the best business practices, making the notion entirely reasonable). So, you can see that the customer is now secondary to a companies real goal, which is to keep the cost of running a business as low as possible to inflate stock prices, to attain more investments that can be used to purchase public opinion to buy the companies products.

To sum this all up, a quote:

“There is, of course, no reason why the new totalitarian should resemble the old. Government by clubs and firing squads, by artificial famine, mass imprisonment and mass deportation, is not merely inhumane (nobody cares much about that now a days), it is demonstrably inefficient and in an age of advance technology, inefficiency is a sin against the Holy Ghost. A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced because they love their servitude.”
– Aldous Huxley

The White Flag

United States

Listen to Bernie Sander explain the new budget. (VIDEO)
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They did it, Congress finally passed a budget that did not tax those who can most afford it and did not make America a better place to live in the process.
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“About one-fourth of House Republicans and more than half of Democrats opposed the deal, with Republicans arguing the cuts were not deep enough and Democrats fearing they would hurt lower-income Americans.”

“The House vote came after the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office circulated a new estimate that found the budget deal’s actual impact on government spending was likely to fall short of the agreed $38 billion cut.”

Republicans = less government and fiscal responsibility. They must have attained some advice from Fox News; have an empty slogan people can latch onto, but have no actual intention of fulfilling that goal.
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“The fiscal 2012 budget resolution proposed by House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) drew the support of all 235 Republicans present and voting Friday, as well as the opposition from all 193 Democrats in attendance. That means 235 members of the House GOP are now on record in favor of slowing the growth of domestic discretionary spending and Medicaid, shrinking the deficit gradually through fiscal 2015, and sharply reducing federal spending as a percentage of the economy over the long term.”

“Fiscal year 2021: $23,105,000,000,000[is our estimated debt].”

Representative Markey gives a speech pleading with American citizens to do their part in protecting the Internet. (VIDEO and a transcript is included)
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Finally, a bill that will protect my privacy… except from the government, who else is worried about what I am doing? It is like armor that blocks everything, except bullets.
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“[…]one feature of the bill (PDF) sponsored by senators John Kerry (D-Mass.) and John McCain (R-Ariz.) that has gone relatively unnoticed: it doesn’t apply to data mining, surveillance, or any other forms of activities that governments use to collect and collate Americans’ personal information.”

“[…] the measure applies only to companies and some nonprofit groups, not to the federal, state, and local police agencies that have adopted high-tech surveillance technologies including cell phone tracking, GPS bugs, and requests to Internet companies for users’ personal information–in many cases without obtaining a search warrant from a judge.”

“In January, the Justice Department announced that investigations ‘are being frustrated’ because no law currently exists to force Internet providers to keep track of what their customers are doing. A month later, the FBI outlined its push for expanded Internet wiretapping authority.”

“Last week, the Justice Department said it opposed proposals–backed by AT&T, Google, Microsoft, eBay, the American Civil Liberties Union, and Americans for Tax Reform–to protect Americans’ privacy by requiring a search warrant to access online files and track Americans’ locations. Then, on Friday, the Justice Department renewed its opposition to being required to use a search warrant to access the Twitter accounts of Wikileaks volunteers.”

“The FTC would also be given one year to set up a ‘safe harbor’ program, which would be administered by approved non-governmental organizations. Companies that participate in the safe harbor, as long as it includes similar data use restrictions, would be ‘exempt’ from the more restrictive aspects of the bill.”


The company with the most money is the most honest company that gives the most quality product, that is how capitalism works.
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“Levin accused Goldman of profiting at clients’ expense as the mortgage market crashed in 2007. ‘In my judgment, Goldman clearly misled their clients and they misled Congress,’ he said, reading glasses perched as ever on the tip of his nose.”

“ ‘Blame for this mess lies everywhere — from federal regulators who cast a blind eye, Wall Street bankers who let greed run wild, and members of Congress who failed to provide oversight,’ said Coburn, the subcommittee’s top Republican.”

“It said Washington Mutual — which became the largest failed bank in U.S. history in 2008 — embraced a high-risk home loan strategy in 2005 while its own top executives were warning of a bubble that ‘will come back to haunt us.’ ”

The nation is hitting a hard time, so sacrifices must be made, however, some officials are the equivalent to royalty and obviously should not have to worry about making sacrifices, that job should be primarily on the serfs, aka middle class and below families.
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“Christie earns $175,000 per year, receives a $75,000 stipend for expenses, and may use two state-owned residences: a mansion in Princeton and a summer beachfront home in Island Beach State Park. Christie’s calls for ‘shared sacrifice’ to alleviate New Jersey’s budget problems have been a marquee theme of his governorship, but he’s said that any reduction to his own salary would be ‘of little or no consequence.’ ”

BP intended to manipulate science so that the studies were in their favor. I have no idea why they would do a thing like that, this is probably a complete fabrication by the media. The phrase is ‘nice guys finish first,’ is it not?
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“Documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act show BP officials openly discussing how to influence the work of scientists supported by the fund, which was created by the oil company in May last year.”

“Other documents obtained by Greenpeace suggest that the politics of oil spill science was not confined to BP. The White House clashed with officials from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) last summer when drafting the administration’s account of what has happened to the spilled oil.”

“But Kert Davies, Greenpeace US research director, said the oil company had crossed a line. ‘It’s outrageous to see these BP executives discussing how they might manipulate the science programme,’ Davies said. ‘Their motivation last summer is abundantly clear. They wanted control of the science.’ ”

Does capitalism work for you? As our society evolves it would only make sense that the way we trade would also evolve. What does not make sense is the idea that society can infinitely expand, which is what capitalism requires. At some point Earth’s resources will run out, if you look you will find we are coming to an end of oil, phosphorus, readily available fresh water, coal, and so on. The way people live is going to drastically change within the next one hundred year, meaning, we will be feeling the effects much sooner. The world of the future depends on the actions we make now. The video presented here is long, however, extremely informative and thought provoking. Definitely worth viewing. (VIDEO)
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If taxes are raised then CEOs will have to take larger bonuses, which will hurt job growth and no one wants that, so no new taxes or regulations for the good of America. There is no other solution to this problem, like holding corporations and their executives accountable because if that were the case no one would want to be an executive with all the risk of being jailed, so let massive companies do what they want, it is patriotic.
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“Florida’s Everglades Forever Act of 1994 drives one of the major environmental cleanup efforts in the state. Everglades Forever implementation so far has cost the state of Florida $1.8 billion. Of that, Florida sugar companies have pledged to contribute $300 million in tax revenue. (The Fanjuls own 40 percent of Florida’s sugar industry, though no hard numbers exist on how much each company has offered to the effort.) Put another way, the industry that is almost entirely responsible for both the historical destruction of the Everglades and continual pollution of the ecosystem thanks to fertilizer runoff is footing less than 20 percent of the bill to clean up the mess.”

“The billions that have been spent and the billions that have yet to be spent are meant to reverse the massive ecological changes that came about when nearly 2 million acres of the Everglades were razed, predominately to make room for sugar development. The money is also used to cut down the concentration of phosphorus that ends up in Florida waterways after being dumped on fields of sugar cane. Phosphorus is a nonrenewable central element in the production of fertilizer and is already in short supply all over the world — it’s also one of the many contributors to record-high food prices.”

“Between 1990 and 2009, U.S. prices for raw sugar averaged out to almost exactly twice the global average: 21.56 cents a pound, as compared to 10.85 cents a pound for the rest of the world. In recent months, however, food shortages, crop failures and the economic growth of sugar-producing countries like India and Brazil have driven global prices up to levels close to the artificially-inflated U.S. prices.”

“The Fanjul family’s political connections — and, it could be said, the Florida sugar industry’s diminished role in paying for the Everglades reconstruction projects that were crafted in the ’90s — become rather more open when it comes to Alfy Fanjul’s longstanding ties to the Clinton family. The campaign donation records of Alfy Fanjul, a Democrat, show he gave extensively to both the Senate and presidential campaigns of Hillary Clinton. He has also given money to the William J. Clinton Foundation, was the co-chair of Bill Clinton’s 1992 Florida campaign and has hosted Clinton fundraisers in the past.”

Civil Liberties

Permitting torture? That is hardly a crime, why don’t you come back when a real law has be broken like jay walking!
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“Yesterday a Spanish judge chose to dismiss a politically charged case against six former Bush administration officials for their part in creating a legal framework that permitted the torture of detainees held in U.S. custody. Judge Eloy Velasco made his decision claiming the U.S. would conduct its own investigation, freeing Spain from the obligation of investigating under its universal jurisdiction law. He based this on a mere seven-page submission by the U.S. despite its clear statement that ‘the Department of Justice has concluded that it is not appropriate to bring criminal cases with respect to any other executive branch officials, including those named in the complaint, who acted in reliance on [Office of Legal Counsel] memorandum during the course of their involvement with the policies and procedures for detention and interrogation.’ ”

“This decision is a cowardly political act by a judge afraid to pursue justice under his country’s own laws. He is hiding behind the fig leaf of the U.S.’s scant seven-page response, but the submission made clear the U.S. has no intention of investigating these crimes or holding higher-level officials accountable for torture.”

“Judge Velasco asked for opposing views but then issued his decision without even looking at our detailed submission refuting the U.S. claims. We will fight this decision and continue to demand accountability for torture.”

A vote for the drug war is a vote for death as the head of the DEA claims that a spike in child death is a sign that the war on drugs is winning. If that is the case I personally would prefer we were losing horribly.
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“The children’s rights group estimates that 994 people younger than 18 were killed in drug-related violence between late 2006 and late 2010, based on media accounts, which are incomplete because newspapers are often too intimidated to report drug-related crimes.”

“U.S. and Mexican officials say the grotesque violence is a symptom the cartels have been wounded by police and soldiers. ‘It may seem contradictory, but the unfortunate level of violence is a sign of success in the fight against drugs,’ said Michele Leonhart, head of the Drug Enforcement Administration. The cartels ‘are like caged animals, attacking one another,’ she added.”

The American government would never investigate someone who had not committed a crime, that is why I now believe at points the local police of America were able to find thousands of terrorists on Facebook a day.
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“ ‘Unfortunately, there are no reporting requirements for the modern surveillance methods that make up the majority of law enforcement requests to service providers and telephone companies,’ Soghoian wrote. ‘As such, this surveillance largely occurs off the books, with no way for Congress or the general public to know the true scale of such activities.’ ”

“Soghoian found through his research that law enforcement agencies requested more than 30,000 wiretaps between 1987 and 2009. But the scale of requests for stored communications appears to be much greater. Citing a New York Times story from 2006, Soghoian wrote that AOL was receiving 1,000 requests per month.”

Can a person claims to be pro-life if they are against ALL abortion, which includes scenarios such as these: 1) If the baby is not aborted both mother and child will die, 2) Mother will die and father does not want the child, 3) Mother again dies and child is born with a debilitating disease which causes them to suffer their entire life? If these cases are consistent with being pro-life, then being pro-life is not really about being against evil, or suffering, or concerned about a person’s quality of life, but just the right fetuses have to make it entirely through their development despite whatever horror awaits them at the end; a belief only a humanitarian could have.
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“State senators struck down a measure that would have expanded medical care to low-income women and children yesterday. The measure was struck down because of concerns that ‘expanding the [insurance] program might provide funds for as many as 22 more abortions.’ The bill would have expanded coverage to about 1,300 more children and 250 pregnant women.”

“The legislation is in response the indictment of Pennsylvania’s Dr. Kermit Gosnell, an abortion provider who was charged with murdering seven infants.”

“The Indiana legislature approved legislation yesterday that would ban abortions in the state after 20 weeks. The law has an exception for when the mother’s life is in danger due to the pregnancy. Current law allows an abortion up to 24 weeks, which is considered to be around the time of fetal viability.”


The government and corporations are like people, they will do whatever they are likely to get away with. If we allow them to take away worker’s rights, avoid taxes, and leave the burden of debt on the people with the least money they are likely to do it. Tomorrow (Monday, April 18th) there will be protests all over America to say the American people will not stand for it any longer. Please, be apart of true change, it will not come from a single vote every four years, it will come from individual activism. Follow this link to a list to find a protest nearest you.
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Coming closer to understanding the origins of life; RNA in space.
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“Crucially, tC19Z can copy pieces of RNA that are almost half as long (48 per cent) as itself. If an RNA enzyme is to copy itself, it has to be able to copy sequences as long as itself, and tC19Z is closing in on that goal.”

“In a neat twist, Holliger’s team also showed that tC19Z can make copies of another RNA enzyme, which then worked correctly. That suggests that, once the first self-replicating RNA had appeared, it would have been able to surround itself with additional molecular equipment, kick-starting the evolution of more complex life.”


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