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Secret Prisons, Petitions, and the Third Reich. (Now with 50% more fluoride!)
March 6, 2011, 4:25 pm
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United States

Of course Obama was against the way Bush handled detainees, but now that Obama is president the indefinite detention and military commissions have been improved to practices Americans can be proud of.
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“Lifting the order, [and giving the green light to prosecute more of the remaining detainees] marks another giant step in Obama’s U-turn on the position he held on the commissions while he was campaigning for the presidency.”

“At that time, he called them an ‘enormous failure’ and pledged as president to ‘reject’ the Military Commissions Act that had been passed during the Bush administration to authorize the tribunal.”

“Critics continue to say the tribunals are inherently unfair compared to U.S. federal courts, but supporters say a separate system is necessary to take into account that evidence used in terrorism cases often has been gathered in battlefield conditions.”

“Khadr, 24, pleaded guilty before the commission last October in a deal that saw him sentenced to one more year in Guantanamo, followed by seven in a Canadian prison. He admitted to five war-crimes charges, including the most serious of murder over the death of a U.S. serviceman during a 2002 firefight in Afghanistan when he was 15.” (Editor’s note: It is not illegal to kill an enemy on the battlefield.)

Bradley Manning’s leak of the classified war documents has lead him straight to hot water, as he now finds himself being charged with a crime punishable by death, aiding the enemy. You may be thinking, ‘I thought he leaked those documents because he believes in rule of law and, he couldn’t stand by and watch his government break the law and deceive American citizens.’ But no people, that is exactly what traitor Manning wants us to believe, when in reality he released that footage of news reporters being gunned down by American soldiers because he hates freedom and America.
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“Bradley Manning, the US soldier who has spent 10 months in solitary confinement on suspicion of having transmitted a huge trove of state secrets to WikiLeaks, now faces a possible death penalty.”

“They come on top of initial charges of having illegally obtained 150,000 secret US government cables and handing more than 50 of them to an unauthorised person that carried a possible sentence of up to 52 years in prison.”

“Manning’s lawyer, David Coombs, said that the most serious of the new charges was the Article 104 offence of ‘aiding the enemy’. The charge carries a potential death sentence”.

“Manning is accused of being the single source of many sensational WikiLeaks disclosures of US state secrets, some of which were published alongside the Guardian and other papers round the world. They include aerial footage of a US military attack on civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan war logs and thousands of US embassy cables.”

“He is being held in Quantico in conditions that have elicited protests from numerous organisations, including his own supporter networks and Amnesty International. The UN is investigating whether his treatment, which includes being held in his 6ft by 12ft cell for 23 hours a day, amounts to torture.”


Fluoridated water is safe, wait, you do not drink very much water a day, you are not under the age of eight or too much older than sixty, and you have no health problems, right? If so, then tap water might be the best option for you, and safe to drink.
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“Although it took them a few decades to get started, they are figuring out what else fluoride does to a human’s body. Too much of it causes dental fluorosis—a streaking and mottling of the teeth—in the same age group it is purported to help the most. Older folk run the risk of being crippled by skeletal fluorosis. Thyroid malfunction, kidney disease, diabetes, cancers and neurological disorders also have been linked to fluoride”

“Dental fluorosis now affects 31 percent of the country’s children younger than age eight. Dental flourosis is a sign of ingesting too much fluoride. Reducing the amount added to water could mean safer levels for the kids.”

“According to CDC statistics, 56 percent of the kids between the ages of 12 and 16 have cavities. Fluoride is in everything kids eat and drink. Critics want to know why that number is so high.”

“Although the EPA is steward of the country’s water supply, it has no regulatory power. The best it can do is make recommendations and issue warnings. This is from the agency’s 1997 fact sheet: ‘There are no federal safety standards that are applicable to additives, including those for use in fluoridating drinking water.’ Despite that, the process of putting together a recommendation is convoluted at best.”


No need to worry about water shortages or the fact that the Earth has finite resources of everything. Just go back to spending, and mindlessly consuming; there is nothing to see here.
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“While climate change may seem remote, the water crisis in the Southwest is all too immediate. Recent years of drought have reached critical levels, threatening to curtail agriculture and even the normal patterns of urban life throughout the region. Even if today’s climate remained unchanged, water use in Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah would more than double over the next century, just from population and income growth.”

“Solving the water crisis will require reductions in water use. Nevada and Utah are the top two states in per capita residential water use today. Extensive conservation and efficiency measures will be needed, reshaping urban water use, improving irrigation methods, and cutting back on the region’s lowest-value crops, which are worth less than the water used to grow them.”

“It gets much harder to solve the water crisis when it gets hotter: we found that climate change could add as much as $1 trillion to the costs of water scarcity for the five Southwestern states over the next century. As Americans start to experience mounting costs of climate change in this and other areas, spending money to reduce carbon emissions will look like a bargain by comparison.”

Civil Liberties

Americans like Yasir Afifi do not understand that all the mumbo jumbo in the Constitution does not apply to the government any more because they are fighting a war on terror. Expensive GPS devices must be planted on innocent American citizen’s vehicles in order to thwart terrorists and make America a safer place to live. Besides, how can the government enforce laws if they simultaneously have to worry about abiding by laws as well?
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“Muslim student Yasir Afifi and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) filed a lawsuit against the FBI on Wednesday after Afifi discovered a global positioning system (GPS) device on the undercarriage of his car. The suit, filed in the US District Court for the District of Columbia, alleges that Afifi’s rights were violated when FBI agents attempted to retrieve their tracking device, without explanation for why Afifi was being tracked. Afifi’s suit alleges civil rights and constitutional violations, specifically unlawful search under the Fourth Amendment, chilling and recording of First Amendment activities, and unlawful agency action”

“Afifi seeks an injunction ending the FBI’s investigation of him, a declaratory judgment that his rights were violated, attorney’s fees and expenses of litigation, and damages for emotional distress.”

Daniel Ellesberg On Bradley Manning.
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“The new charges include one count of ‘aiding the enemy,’ a capital offense that is punishable by execution, although Manning’s prosecutors have said they will likely seek life imprisonment without parole rather than the death penalty. Manning previously faced 52 years in prison.”

“ ‘The third element of the charges is the biggest problem. Is any information in this area that was made public … visible to the enemy?’ Shelburne said during a teleconference Thursday with the Bradley Manning Advocacy Fund. ‘I don’t know how they are going to show that.’ ”

“ ‘Our enemy is generally al Qaeda, and they want these wars to continue,’ Ellsberg said. ‘The people who give comfort to the enemy are the people who sent troops there and are keeping the cost of the war from the people. Bradley Manning is acting in the interest of the United States and against the interest of our enemy al Qaeda.’ ”

Is the former Attorney General of America, John Ashcroft, guilty of having innocent civilians arrested for being Muslim?
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“The federal government’s reaction to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks once again returned to the Supreme Court on Wednesday as justices considered whether former attorney general John D. Ashcroft could be held personally liable for the detention of an American Muslim.”

“Ashcroft, President George W. Bush’s attorney general from 2001 to 2005, claims legal immunity from the lawsuit, and the Obama administration is defending him. Acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal told the justices Wednesday that Ashcroft cannot be subject to personal liability for actions he took while performing his job.”

“Kidd is a onetime University of Idaho football star, born Lavoni T. Kidd. He converted to Islam in college. He was arrested at Dulles International Airport in 2003 as he was boarding a plane for Saudi Arabia, where he planned to study.”

“ ‘There are allegations here that this man was kept awake, the lights shining in his cell for 24 hours, kept without clothes,’ Ginsburg said. “Now that doesn’t sound like the way one would treat someone whose testimony you want.’ ”

What is so bad about the national ID, Nazi Germany had them, and anything good enough for Nazi Germany is good enough for America, right?
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“If you’re a resident of one of at least 24 states including Arizona, Georgia, and Washington, your driver’s license may no longer be valid for boarding an airplane or entering federal buildings as of May 11, 2011.”

“That’s the deadline that senior House Republicans are calling on the Obama administration to impose, saying states must be required to comply with so-called Real ID rules creating a standardized digital identity card that critics have likened to a national ID.”

“The political problem for the GOP committee chairmen is that the 2005 Real ID Act has proven to be anything but popular: legislatures of two dozen states have voted to reject its requirements, and in the Michigan and Pennsylvania legislatures one chamber has done so.”

“If Napolitano does not [extend the deadline], air travelers from non-Real ID states would at least be subjected to what Homeland Security delicately calls ‘delays’ and ‘enhanced security screening,’ or perhaps even be denied boarding. In addition, driver’s licenses from non-Real ID states could no longer be used to access ‘federal facilities,’ including military academies, the Pentagon, Treasury Department, the U.S. Capitol, Veterans Affairs hospitals, and some federal courthouses.”

“From the House Republicans’ perspective, the rules are clear: Real ID was signed on May 11, 2005, by President Bush, and federal agencies have had nearly six years to comply. The vote in Congress was overwhelmingly in favor of the law, part of a broader “war on terror” spending and tsunami relief bill that was approved unanimously by the Senate and by a vote of 368 to 58 in the House of Representatives. (Real ID cleared the House by a 261 to 161 vote as a standalone bill without hearings or debate.)”

“A chart (PDF) updated last month by the National Conference of State Legislatures lists 16 states with laws forbidding compliance with Real ID and eight states including Colorado, Hawaii, and Illinois that have enacted resolutions opposing it.”


Program to monitor racial profiling by San Jose police department.
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“The move [to keep a closer eye on officers’ work] is part of a larger effort to address concerns over racial profiling of Latinos and other groups by the San Jose Police Department.”

“Newly appointed Chief Chris Moore recently expanded the definition of racial profiling to allow for scrutiny during the entirety of police interactions, rather then just the initial stop.”

“In the study, which involved 3,000 San Jose residents and was conducted in English, Spanish and Vietnamese, 87 percent of respondents either agreed or strongly agreed with the statement, ‘It is important that the next police chief believes racial profiling exists in law enforcement, and will work to eliminate it in San Jose.’ ”

Petition: The U.S. Government wants to charge Bradly Manning with “aiding the enemy,” which could end with him being executed or spending life in prison. Demand these charges against Bradly Manning be dropped.
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Petition: Family Planning and Planned Parenthood are helpful to many women and provide low cost consultations and doctor visits. Low income women have little to no other options besides these kinds of organization, and without aid programs they would be on their own.
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Petition: Tell the government to repeal DOMA because in America EVERYONE is equal.
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Petition: Tell the Department of Homeland Security to respect citizens right to privacy, and end the invasive practices of the TSA.
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Petition: Tell congress tens years is long enough for the Constitution to be undermined.
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Petition: Prohibit the FCC from regulating the Internet.
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Petition: Demand more oversight for the Federal Reserve.
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