The White Flag

December 19, 2010, 5:15 pm
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When terrorists plan attacks that harm and kill a hand full of people, which then scares millions into submission, meaning, they don’t go on with their daily lives as usual due to fear, the terrorists get exactly what they want. The terrorists hate America because we have freedom of religion, and we send women to school–these are signs of freedom and the terrorist despise our freedom, thus they wish to destroy it. The terrorists greatest weapon is fear, not bombs or guns; global terrorism only accounts for several hundred deaths every year.

Why are we allowing them to win? They have no real power over any of us, and all we have to do to resist them is recognize that life style choices, the habits we take on through our own volition, are more threatening to our lives than terrorism. For instance, 50% of all hospital visits in the U.S. are in part due to alcohol consumption, smoking is responsible for more than 430,000 deaths every year, inactivity and poor diet trail right behind with 400,000 deaths a year, and car crashes are the number one killer of teens. Compare these figures to the 630 people killed globally by terrorists in 2003.

The people of the world have no reason to fear terrorists, that is unless they want to make Islamic extremist’s suicides worth while. In that case we can continue cowering in fear, driving our national debt to phenomenal new heights in order to fight a few hundred global terrorists, relinquish our privacy, and sacrifice our freedom to ensure our safety.

Or, if you really want to defeat terrorists, don’t be afraid, don’t submit yourself to unprovoked search and seizure, don’t allow government officials to have immunity to prosecution, don’t allow the government to quietly read our emails. Speak out against our government for indefinitely imprisoning anyone, or denying them their right to habeas corpus. If you want to defeat terrorists then take away their true source of power, human fear.
-The White Flag


Bankers Club.
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Senate approves tax cuts for everyone…
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And the House followed.
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Why do Americans elect people who still have a misunderstanding of the basic rights granted to every American in the constitution, such as freedom of speech? Or should I say, freeDOOM of speech, because if we listen to these people then we will end up believing our freedom of speech is as dangerous as our right to privacy.
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First U.S. lobby group devoted to the marijuana industry.
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Socialist peace activists or American hating terrorists?
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The Afghan people believe it was great that America overthrew the Taliban, but now it is time for them to go, however, American forces are expected to be in Afghanistan for at least another four years.
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America is funding the Taliban?
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First person to cured of HIV.
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Civil Liberties

Human rights groups will not let the Bush Torture case die quietly. Organizations are petitioning the Spanish courts to resume their investigation into the torture of U.S. prisoners, claiming it is under their jurisdiction, so they must pursue the case.
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This cannot be the only way to conduct this war, furthermore, if it was, it is not worth it. Putting harms into perspective, we should be spending more time to ensure road safety in America considering the great danger it is to all Americans, versus the extremely low amount of threat a terrorist is to the 7 billion people on the planet–or, if you have any concern for the well being of humanity. Terrorists may kill hundreds world wide, but car crashes in the United States alone account for 45,000 deaths, and are the number one killer of teenagers.
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No one should stand by and watch as people’s rights are taken, in this case particularly, because no amount of searching is going to stop terrorists from attacking Americans. Since that is true, to what point is invasion of privacy viable? I think it was laid out in the constitution, so we did not have to worry about it, the fourth amendment says no unreasonable search and seizures. So I would say, blasting everyone who wants to ride an airplane with radiation, to attain a nude image of that person, who is not a terrorist, suspected to be a terrorist, or has not committed some other crime that would make them considered a potential threat would be an invasive search, for no search has been warranted.
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“US had strong-armed even the powerful German government into blocking German prosecutors from indicting and requesting the extradition to Germany of 13 CIA agents involved in the illegal kidnapping and renditioning to Bagram prison in Afghanistan of Khaled el-Masri, a German citizen wrongly thought by the CIA to be a terrorist. El-Masri was kidnapped by these agents in 2003, stripped, bound, placed in an adult diaper with a plug in his rectum, and flown by the CIA to Bagram, where he was repeatedly tortured, sodomized, injected with mind-altering drugs, and held for months, before being simply dropped off by the CIA on an Albanian roadside, after it was determined by the US that a ‘mistake’ had been made.”

The problem with indefinite detention at Guantanamo for the worst of the worst is often that has not been the case with Guantanamo prisoners, like David Hicks, who is obviously not even an al Qaeda member. Plus, if these people are the worst of the worst they deserve to go to a criminal court to stand trail for what they have done, just astheir victims deserve their attacker be brought to justice.

“Guantanamo will continue to secure the worst of the worst, indefinitely if necessary — which we suspect is just fine by most Americans.”

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The companies who were responsible for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill are being sued by the U.S. government.
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The puzzle of how the United States can imprison Julian Assange for the rest of his life.
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Torture is not being cruel to a person, torture is when the person experiences life threatening pain, see, George Bush thinks we should just be pragmatic about torture.
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Torture may still be in practice, but a certainty is that Obama is not taking on the issue of prosecuting torture, instead, he is spending time ending torture cases before they get their day in court.
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If we abandon the government programs that improve our lives what kind of government will be left? Destroying social security will be a cost we all pay.
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Italy Charged 23 CIA agents for torture and kidnapping.
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Petition: Keep Net Neutrality alive!
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Courts rule that opening emails without a warrant is in violation of the Fourth Amendment.
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Food and Safety bill, and the power of people:
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