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Let Us Not Give the “Keys” to anyone
November 28, 2010, 4:09 am
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Obama spews his rhetoric about keys, and what people should do with them, while the media spins the entire thing to be about racism. In reality it seems that though the republicans and democrats disagree on how to reach certain goals, they clearly have the same agenda; they are truly one team with conflicting ideologies. This is ever so clear as Obama caves to extending bush-era tax cuts, and neglects to make a statement about Bush’s admission that he permitted torture. America is long over due for new ideas, yet we continue making the same mistakes we started with, that is, a conflict between two extremes: a strong central government, and a minimalist government. The gap between the poor and the rich is increasing, as are the number of low-income families. Waiting until the entire country is a mess will be a horrible time to begin presenting new ideas, we need them now, and we need the American people’s support, as well as their minds and ingenuity, so that we may solve this problem together.


THIS CONCERNS EVERYONE. Many politicians are pushing to extend the ‘Bush-era’ tax cuts, which will most likely result in further economic turmoil that the youth of America will have to pay for one day. Do not allow the future of America to deteriorate; tell congress not to bury the nation further in debt (as of 11/2010 it nears $14 trillion), by extending the tax breaks for just 2% of the nation.
“Every dollar devoted to the middle class causes the economy to grow three times faster than a dollar for the rich, according to the Congressional Budget Office.”

Ending health care for the poor will save us!

Obama has yet to make a statement about Bush’s admittance of implementing torture.

Red is for ‘watch out the terrorists are coming!’

How little Sarah Palin knows is no business of mine, but she should not go around preaching to people, pretending to be an expert on things, which she is not.


North Korea has facilities to enrich uranium, and putting the United States on edge.; an independent website collecting sources, and bringing them all in one place.

Short five minute video: 92% of the men in Afghanistan do not know why there is U.S. military presence in their nation, and 31% of them think America’s sole purpose for being there is to cause violence and destruction.

Is there a possibility of permanent war in Afghanistan?

Drone attacks leave many dead in Pakistan, including civilians, in the name of the U.S. lead ‘war on terror.’ Nice

Yemen is calling for an end to the use of drones in their country, or the entire secret war the U.S. wages there against extremists, like al-Qaeda, that the government of Yemen claims are not as threatening as U.S. officials claim.

Civil Liberties

On the utility of body scanners with advanced imagery technology Rafi Sela said this:
“I don’t know why everybody is running to buy these expensive and useless machines,[…]I can overcome the body scanners with enough explosives to bring down a Boeing 747.”\

Invasive, radioactive body scanners may cost tax payers 3 billion dollars over the next eight years, but why? Could it be that a greedy politician is using their seat of power to pull string in order to reap large amounts of profit? Extremely unlikely.

Terrorists should never go to trial, the war on terror should be indefinite; that way we can lock them up forever.

History continues to teach America that turning a problem into a martyr only creates more problems, yet we do not seem to remember. This can be seen in America’s extrajudicial (free from normal checks and balances) targeted killing of Anwar al-Awlaki.

Looking forward should not include immunity for criminals from investigation, and prosecution.

Wal-Mart is feeling legal heat over allegations that their policies sexual discriminate in favor of men.,0,6358247.story

Raids on peace activists home will not be left unanswered, in fact, 45 organizations have banned together to ask congress to investigate the standards at which law enforcement must adhere to, in an effort to separate politics for law enforcement.


New health insurance law will require insurers spend 80% of every costumers premium on coverage.

Contractor in Afghanistan was revealed to be extorting money from the American people, and was foiled by one of their own employees.

Petition: Bush tax cuts

Petition: Whistle-blower protections


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