The White Flag

On Second Thought…
November 21, 2010, 4:07 am
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This country’s spending is out of control, this is more than certain with a national debt over 13 trillion dollars. And a great deal of this debt has come from the wars we wage across the globe. If the wars attained what they intended, their accumulated debt could possibly be justified; and that particular end would also be worthy of the cost.

So, what are we attempting to grasp for with the implementation of our military might? Security. After nine years of continuous war are we safer? If we were measuring safety by the number of enemies who wish to do harm to United States citizens, then there would probably be no reason ever to go to war. It is estimated that there are less than 100 al-Qaeda members in Afghanistan^. The U.S. has gone to war with entire countries over the existence of a small group of extremists whom reside in those countries. And we are spending billions of dollars to do this. We are borrowing money from kids that are not out of primary school, and children yet to be born.

General Stanley A. McChrystal said,”[…]for every innocent person you kill, you create ten new enemies[…]” and if that his statement holds any truth,then the wars have done anything but make us safe. In Iraq more than 90,000 civilian deaths have been recorded^; if General McChrystal’s statement were taken literally, then the war in Iraq has made America 900,000 more enemies. All this was for Saddam and a small band of deviants within the Islamic faith. The media is framing it as if these zealots represent the entire Islamic community; a religion with over one billion adherents.

Safety is not just about the distance between us and our enemies, safety also includes the state of the individual. Individual liberty and privacy allow a person to live a life which they perceive as ‘good.’ Without liberty and privacy, people will be subject to tyranny and intimidation; such as the reporters coming back to America from foreign countries who are then having their bags searched and their electronics infiltrated and sometimes confiscated. That specific scenario is an example of the deterioration of safety, by way of thinking that we are safer when we know more because it allows us to make more informed decisions; however, if the government harasses people who’s job it is to seek out information vital to American decision making, then soon no one will be willing to deal with the extravagant pain it is to seek out the truth for people.

In 2010 the federal government allocated 680 billion dollars to the department of defense alone. If our enormous military is to keep us safe, then I believe we need to revise our plan for national security. For instance, the United States takes part in global trade in an effort to create an atmosphere in which nations can comfortably bond in, depend on one another, and deter war. I believe this is a good tactic to get the world to come together; which is why I propose that instead of attempting to fix the town destroyed after the collapse of a dam, one should repair the dam so the town never needs fixing.

War creates pain, debt, death, destruction, and a whole host of other undesirable things, which any educated person can see. I believe the educated have a prima facie not to begin war, partly because they see what a futile attempt war is at changing peoples’ minds. That is, once the guns stop firing in Iraq, the people living there are not going to begin thinking ‘Americans are good people,’ probably quite the opposite will prove true. An enemy now is a potential war later. These things are facts, and if people knew more facts then they would be able to make better decisions, which would result in a better life. I propose that, instead of bombing our enemies off the face of the Earth, we take away many of our soldiers’ guns, bombs, drones, and the other very expensive devices whose sole purpose is to kill. Instead, take that money and educate the children of the world. If the children here were better educated then they would oppose war, they would find alternative solutions to world issues, and make America a more prosperous place than ever. Likewise, if our soldiers were retrained to be carpenters and teaches, we could take our army around to world to bring the under privileged people proper education. Or perhaps, we could have our soldiers build homes and help people establish businesses in poor countries, so they could one day further themselves, and become functioning members of the global market, as opposed to extremists with a vendetta against the United State for destroying their homes and way of life.
-The White Flag


Health insurance companies secretly funneled money into organizations to destroy health care reform while publicly stating that the reform is necessary.

America is not immune to poverty; hunger remains high in America.

The dream of common welfare slowly dies in Arizona.

Don’t think Bush broke the law? It is unlikely he will be doing too much traveling, for he could find himself under arrest in other nations willing to prosecute, despite his last name.

Noam Chomsky: On the Election.


Build up the support for earmark reform.

Real progress: the city of Hartford is pushing for an ordinance that would prevent, or at least minimize, racial discrimination.


Secret war and government corruption.

Civil Liberties

UN call to the U.S. for an investigation of all involved in torture.

Well, if they don’t seek to investigate Bush for what he has admitted doing, then I am sure they have a good reason.

Body scanners and pat down are an extreme invasion of privacy which some likened to sexual assault.

CIA used military volunteers as guinea pigs for secret experiments.

Invasive surveillance program proposed to read all incoming, and outgoing emails of people in the military.

There’s an idea! A bill that would make it so the government could search the electronics of people who might actually be breaking the law, instead of just anyone they choose. For instance, a peace activist who is on a watch list for nothing more than opposing war; invasive law enforcement such as this is rampant under political ideology like this:
The George W. Bush administration first authorized border agents to seize and view the contents of laptops, smartphones, and other devices, and copy and share data with other government agencies without need for any individualized suspicion of wrongdoing.

UK agent will not be prosecuted for torture, but investigation is on going.

Increased power necessary for the FBI to fulfill its duty, put simply, more power to invade American privacy.


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