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Torture: Officially Approved by the USA
November 14, 2010, 3:57 am
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In America it is supposed to be the people who have the power. I do not know of any civilian who came out about breaking federal, or international law, and got away with it. However, former President George W. Bush has come out and admitted that he broke both federal and international law. Bush permitted torture, we can disagree on whether it is torture or not, but America has convicted people in the past for waterboarding. So despite how anyone of us feel, the law has been broken. It is now the responsibility of the current administration to pursue an investigation, and prosecute, if the ex-Commander-in-Chief’s remarks are substantiated.

If the Obama Administration continues down its current path of reiterating that we need to look ahead, then Bush will not be investigated. And if Bush is not investigated, then America has hit a turning point. The corruption in Washington will be extremely overt if the federal government does not investigate. This will be as clear as them coming out and saying presidents are above the law. No one is above the law in America, especially the president, if they were this would be a dictatorship and not a democracy.

Because of the gravity of a situation like this it will be very difficult to get an investigation, but this is a government where the people have the power. It is imperative that we utilize that power to support, or sway, Attorney General Eric Holder to open an investigation, because no person is above the law. Rule of law is what make a civil country like America great. Corruption and tyranny are the things this country has tried to prevent. Do your fellow country men, and the nations founding fathers, a favor by contacting Eric Holder, or your local representatives, and let them know you will support their decision to fight for the continuation of the rule of law in America.
-The White Flag


The new Brownshirts.

Utilize your power: The wealthiest 2% of the country are pushing hard to extend the Bush tax cuts; email your Representatives the let them know how you feel.

What are we, as a nation, willing to sacrifice to get the nation’s debt under control? No American should be willing to lower their own, or any other Americans’ standard of living. The accessibility to a good life and job and education are the things that make America an envy of the world, are we willing to sacrifice the things that make America what it is?

The elections are over, and now the candidates can tell us really what is on there minds since it will no longer effect voter turn out. Republicans refuse to compromise over ending the Bush era tax cuts to the wealthiest people in the nation, which the White House has estimated would add 700 billion to the deficit over the next ten years. Didn’t the republicans run a campaign on ending the national debt?

Marriage Fraud.


Khadr is a victim, just as the soldier that he supposedly killed. Khadr was fifteen and had a father who was a member of al-Qaeda, he might as well be seen as a captive, but most certainly, he is not a criminal.

Secret war is taking place in Yemen

Civil Liberties

“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” -Ben Franklin

Providing Anwar al-Awlaki, an American on the nation’s “Kill List,” with legal support, aka a lawyer, is a criminal offense.

Muslims are less likely to commit extremist acts of violence than other Americans, but our fear mongering has lead to mass hysteria, and Muslims are being discriminated against all over America. Yet, many of these Muslims are true patriots. In fact, they are more likely to report/foil a terrorist plot than your average American citizen.

George W. Bush claims waterboarding was a great idea, and the lowest point in his presidency is when Kanye West called him racist. Nice.

A week after Hilary says a country cannot move forward without looking back, the Obama Administration seems unlikely to prosecute Bush for the war crimes he has admitted to, and the famous phrase comes out again: ‘Let us look forward, not backwards.’

CIA destroys evidence of torture and is considered patriotic; also they will not be facing prosecution.

The ACLU has requested that the current Attorney General, Eric Holder, investigate former President Bush’s statements that he permitted torture, and prosecute if validated.

Petition: tell Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate former President Gorge W. Bush’s claims that he permitted torture.

US government believes it is legal to execute an American citizen before ever going to trial.


This is a very revealing documentary about illicit drugs, and what scientific researchers are finding out. Professor David Nutt of the UK devised a new ranking system for the amount of harm different drugs pose to society and the user. It is very informative, for instance, possession of LSD is considered manslaughter under the law, but the scientists in the film say that LSD is non-toxic, and is unable to kill a person. Even more shocking than that is where the two most popular drug used in America are on the list.


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