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Ask not what you can do for your government, but what can your government do for you
November 7, 2010, 5:05 pm
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Those who voted for change…

Reality check.

If government’s purpose is not to make our lives better, easier, or safer, then what is it?

The DREAM Act–giving everyone a chance.

Ohio employer gives direct suggestions to his employees of who to vote for.


There are plenty of good reasons not to close Guantanamo, like that one guy who returned to the battle field…

Khadr will be returning home finally, after spending one more year at Guantanamo that is; hold on, wasn’t Guantanamo already supposed to be closed? Now it will at least be around for another year.

More than 60,000 civilians died during the Iraqi war, and torture was over looked.

Civil Liberties

The FBI thinks they are capable of stopping crimes before they happen

Appeals court ruled and upheld a decision that FBI agents planting a GPS on a citizens vehicle who has not been known to have committed a crime does not violate the fourth amendment.

Philadelphia “Stop and Frisk” amounts to racial profiling.

Bush admits he broke the law and permitted torture; apparently he is certain that he is above the law.
-More on the Bush torture and immunity        Q?docId=CNG.89c96e59c479e6364
Obama and Clinton both believe that countries “…can’t go forward without looking backwards.” Remember, this is the guy who came into office and said that we need to look ahead and not back at the old administration, and is currently refusing to prosecute those who broke the law before he became president.

There is no law regulating the CIA’s use of kidnapping, and it is completely legal if they send that prisoner to a third party group even if it is very likely they will be tortured.

UK also used enhance interrogation techniques that were equivalent to torture.

“Yet torture does not work. Previous torture advocate, Jean Jacques Massu, who led the French counterinsurgency campaign in Algeria in the 1960s and used torture widely, later declared that it fails to secure useful intelligence. Instead it strengthens enemies, legitimizing their own use of torture and terrorism. Even the CIA inspector general concluded that waterboarding in the ‘war on terror’ failed to yield any valuable intelligence pertaining to imminent security threats, and that the intelligence gained could have been acquired through legitimate means.”


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