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Let Us Not Give the “Keys” to anyone
November 28, 2010, 4:09 am
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Obama spews his rhetoric about keys, and what people should do with them, while the media spins the entire thing to be about racism. In reality it seems that though the republicans and democrats disagree on how to reach certain goals, they clearly have the same agenda; they are truly one team with conflicting ideologies. This is ever so clear as Obama caves to extending bush-era tax cuts, and neglects to make a statement about Bush’s admission that he permitted torture. America is long over due for new ideas, yet we continue making the same mistakes we started with, that is, a conflict between two extremes: a strong central government, and a minimalist government. The gap between the poor and the rich is increasing, as are the number of low-income families. Waiting until the entire country is a mess will be a horrible time to begin presenting new ideas, we need them now, and we need the American people’s support, as well as their minds and ingenuity, so that we may solve this problem together.


THIS CONCERNS EVERYONE. Many politicians are pushing to extend the ‘Bush-era’ tax cuts, which will most likely result in further economic turmoil that the youth of America will have to pay for one day. Do not allow the future of America to deteriorate; tell congress not to bury the nation further in debt (as of 11/2010 it nears $14 trillion), by extending the tax breaks for just 2% of the nation.
“Every dollar devoted to the middle class causes the economy to grow three times faster than a dollar for the rich, according to the Congressional Budget Office.”

Ending health care for the poor will save us!

Obama has yet to make a statement about Bush’s admittance of implementing torture.

Red is for ‘watch out the terrorists are coming!’

How little Sarah Palin knows is no business of mine, but she should not go around preaching to people, pretending to be an expert on things, which she is not.


North Korea has facilities to enrich uranium, and putting the United States on edge.; an independent website collecting sources, and bringing them all in one place.

Short five minute video: 92% of the men in Afghanistan do not know why there is U.S. military presence in their nation, and 31% of them think America’s sole purpose for being there is to cause violence and destruction.

Is there a possibility of permanent war in Afghanistan?

Drone attacks leave many dead in Pakistan, including civilians, in the name of the U.S. lead ‘war on terror.’ Nice

Yemen is calling for an end to the use of drones in their country, or the entire secret war the U.S. wages there against extremists, like al-Qaeda, that the government of Yemen claims are not as threatening as U.S. officials claim.

Civil Liberties

On the utility of body scanners with advanced imagery technology Rafi Sela said this:
“I don’t know why everybody is running to buy these expensive and useless machines,[…]I can overcome the body scanners with enough explosives to bring down a Boeing 747.”\

Invasive, radioactive body scanners may cost tax payers 3 billion dollars over the next eight years, but why? Could it be that a greedy politician is using their seat of power to pull string in order to reap large amounts of profit? Extremely unlikely.

Terrorists should never go to trial, the war on terror should be indefinite; that way we can lock them up forever.

History continues to teach America that turning a problem into a martyr only creates more problems, yet we do not seem to remember. This can be seen in America’s extrajudicial (free from normal checks and balances) targeted killing of Anwar al-Awlaki.

Looking forward should not include immunity for criminals from investigation, and prosecution.

Wal-Mart is feeling legal heat over allegations that their policies sexual discriminate in favor of men.,0,6358247.story

Raids on peace activists home will not be left unanswered, in fact, 45 organizations have banned together to ask congress to investigate the standards at which law enforcement must adhere to, in an effort to separate politics for law enforcement.


New health insurance law will require insurers spend 80% of every costumers premium on coverage.

Contractor in Afghanistan was revealed to be extorting money from the American people, and was foiled by one of their own employees.

Petition: Bush tax cuts

Petition: Whistle-blower protections


On Second Thought…
November 21, 2010, 4:07 am
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This country’s spending is out of control, this is more than certain with a national debt over 13 trillion dollars. And a great deal of this debt has come from the wars we wage across the globe. If the wars attained what they intended, their accumulated debt could possibly be justified; and that particular end would also be worthy of the cost.

So, what are we attempting to grasp for with the implementation of our military might? Security. After nine years of continuous war are we safer? If we were measuring safety by the number of enemies who wish to do harm to United States citizens, then there would probably be no reason ever to go to war. It is estimated that there are less than 100 al-Qaeda members in Afghanistan^. The U.S. has gone to war with entire countries over the existence of a small group of extremists whom reside in those countries. And we are spending billions of dollars to do this. We are borrowing money from kids that are not out of primary school, and children yet to be born.

General Stanley A. McChrystal said,”[…]for every innocent person you kill, you create ten new enemies[…]” and if that his statement holds any truth,then the wars have done anything but make us safe. In Iraq more than 90,000 civilian deaths have been recorded^; if General McChrystal’s statement were taken literally, then the war in Iraq has made America 900,000 more enemies. All this was for Saddam and a small band of deviants within the Islamic faith. The media is framing it as if these zealots represent the entire Islamic community; a religion with over one billion adherents.

Safety is not just about the distance between us and our enemies, safety also includes the state of the individual. Individual liberty and privacy allow a person to live a life which they perceive as ‘good.’ Without liberty and privacy, people will be subject to tyranny and intimidation; such as the reporters coming back to America from foreign countries who are then having their bags searched and their electronics infiltrated and sometimes confiscated. That specific scenario is an example of the deterioration of safety, by way of thinking that we are safer when we know more because it allows us to make more informed decisions; however, if the government harasses people who’s job it is to seek out information vital to American decision making, then soon no one will be willing to deal with the extravagant pain it is to seek out the truth for people.

In 2010 the federal government allocated 680 billion dollars to the department of defense alone. If our enormous military is to keep us safe, then I believe we need to revise our plan for national security. For instance, the United States takes part in global trade in an effort to create an atmosphere in which nations can comfortably bond in, depend on one another, and deter war. I believe this is a good tactic to get the world to come together; which is why I propose that instead of attempting to fix the town destroyed after the collapse of a dam, one should repair the dam so the town never needs fixing.

War creates pain, debt, death, destruction, and a whole host of other undesirable things, which any educated person can see. I believe the educated have a prima facie not to begin war, partly because they see what a futile attempt war is at changing peoples’ minds. That is, once the guns stop firing in Iraq, the people living there are not going to begin thinking ‘Americans are good people,’ probably quite the opposite will prove true. An enemy now is a potential war later. These things are facts, and if people knew more facts then they would be able to make better decisions, which would result in a better life. I propose that, instead of bombing our enemies off the face of the Earth, we take away many of our soldiers’ guns, bombs, drones, and the other very expensive devices whose sole purpose is to kill. Instead, take that money and educate the children of the world. If the children here were better educated then they would oppose war, they would find alternative solutions to world issues, and make America a more prosperous place than ever. Likewise, if our soldiers were retrained to be carpenters and teaches, we could take our army around to world to bring the under privileged people proper education. Or perhaps, we could have our soldiers build homes and help people establish businesses in poor countries, so they could one day further themselves, and become functioning members of the global market, as opposed to extremists with a vendetta against the United State for destroying their homes and way of life.
-The White Flag


Health insurance companies secretly funneled money into organizations to destroy health care reform while publicly stating that the reform is necessary.

America is not immune to poverty; hunger remains high in America.

The dream of common welfare slowly dies in Arizona.

Don’t think Bush broke the law? It is unlikely he will be doing too much traveling, for he could find himself under arrest in other nations willing to prosecute, despite his last name.

Noam Chomsky: On the Election.


Build up the support for earmark reform.

Real progress: the city of Hartford is pushing for an ordinance that would prevent, or at least minimize, racial discrimination.


Secret war and government corruption.

Civil Liberties

UN call to the U.S. for an investigation of all involved in torture.

Well, if they don’t seek to investigate Bush for what he has admitted doing, then I am sure they have a good reason.

Body scanners and pat down are an extreme invasion of privacy which some likened to sexual assault.

CIA used military volunteers as guinea pigs for secret experiments.

Invasive surveillance program proposed to read all incoming, and outgoing emails of people in the military.

There’s an idea! A bill that would make it so the government could search the electronics of people who might actually be breaking the law, instead of just anyone they choose. For instance, a peace activist who is on a watch list for nothing more than opposing war; invasive law enforcement such as this is rampant under political ideology like this:
The George W. Bush administration first authorized border agents to seize and view the contents of laptops, smartphones, and other devices, and copy and share data with other government agencies without need for any individualized suspicion of wrongdoing.

UK agent will not be prosecuted for torture, but investigation is on going.

Increased power necessary for the FBI to fulfill its duty, put simply, more power to invade American privacy.

Torture: Officially Approved by the USA
November 14, 2010, 3:57 am
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In America it is supposed to be the people who have the power. I do not know of any civilian who came out about breaking federal, or international law, and got away with it. However, former President George W. Bush has come out and admitted that he broke both federal and international law. Bush permitted torture, we can disagree on whether it is torture or not, but America has convicted people in the past for waterboarding. So despite how anyone of us feel, the law has been broken. It is now the responsibility of the current administration to pursue an investigation, and prosecute, if the ex-Commander-in-Chief’s remarks are substantiated.

If the Obama Administration continues down its current path of reiterating that we need to look ahead, then Bush will not be investigated. And if Bush is not investigated, then America has hit a turning point. The corruption in Washington will be extremely overt if the federal government does not investigate. This will be as clear as them coming out and saying presidents are above the law. No one is above the law in America, especially the president, if they were this would be a dictatorship and not a democracy.

Because of the gravity of a situation like this it will be very difficult to get an investigation, but this is a government where the people have the power. It is imperative that we utilize that power to support, or sway, Attorney General Eric Holder to open an investigation, because no person is above the law. Rule of law is what make a civil country like America great. Corruption and tyranny are the things this country has tried to prevent. Do your fellow country men, and the nations founding fathers, a favor by contacting Eric Holder, or your local representatives, and let them know you will support their decision to fight for the continuation of the rule of law in America.
-The White Flag


The new Brownshirts.

Utilize your power: The wealthiest 2% of the country are pushing hard to extend the Bush tax cuts; email your Representatives the let them know how you feel.

What are we, as a nation, willing to sacrifice to get the nation’s debt under control? No American should be willing to lower their own, or any other Americans’ standard of living. The accessibility to a good life and job and education are the things that make America an envy of the world, are we willing to sacrifice the things that make America what it is?

The elections are over, and now the candidates can tell us really what is on there minds since it will no longer effect voter turn out. Republicans refuse to compromise over ending the Bush era tax cuts to the wealthiest people in the nation, which the White House has estimated would add 700 billion to the deficit over the next ten years. Didn’t the republicans run a campaign on ending the national debt?

Marriage Fraud.


Khadr is a victim, just as the soldier that he supposedly killed. Khadr was fifteen and had a father who was a member of al-Qaeda, he might as well be seen as a captive, but most certainly, he is not a criminal.

Secret war is taking place in Yemen

Civil Liberties

“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” -Ben Franklin

Providing Anwar al-Awlaki, an American on the nation’s “Kill List,” with legal support, aka a lawyer, is a criminal offense.

Muslims are less likely to commit extremist acts of violence than other Americans, but our fear mongering has lead to mass hysteria, and Muslims are being discriminated against all over America. Yet, many of these Muslims are true patriots. In fact, they are more likely to report/foil a terrorist plot than your average American citizen.

George W. Bush claims waterboarding was a great idea, and the lowest point in his presidency is when Kanye West called him racist. Nice.

A week after Hilary says a country cannot move forward without looking back, the Obama Administration seems unlikely to prosecute Bush for the war crimes he has admitted to, and the famous phrase comes out again: ‘Let us look forward, not backwards.’

CIA destroys evidence of torture and is considered patriotic; also they will not be facing prosecution.

The ACLU has requested that the current Attorney General, Eric Holder, investigate former President Bush’s statements that he permitted torture, and prosecute if validated.

Petition: tell Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate former President Gorge W. Bush’s claims that he permitted torture.

US government believes it is legal to execute an American citizen before ever going to trial.


This is a very revealing documentary about illicit drugs, and what scientific researchers are finding out. Professor David Nutt of the UK devised a new ranking system for the amount of harm different drugs pose to society and the user. It is very informative, for instance, possession of LSD is considered manslaughter under the law, but the scientists in the film say that LSD is non-toxic, and is unable to kill a person. Even more shocking than that is where the two most popular drug used in America are on the list.

Ask not what you can do for your government, but what can your government do for you
November 7, 2010, 5:05 pm
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Those who voted for change…

Reality check.

If government’s purpose is not to make our lives better, easier, or safer, then what is it?

The DREAM Act–giving everyone a chance.

Ohio employer gives direct suggestions to his employees of who to vote for.


There are plenty of good reasons not to close Guantanamo, like that one guy who returned to the battle field…

Khadr will be returning home finally, after spending one more year at Guantanamo that is; hold on, wasn’t Guantanamo already supposed to be closed? Now it will at least be around for another year.

More than 60,000 civilians died during the Iraqi war, and torture was over looked.

Civil Liberties

The FBI thinks they are capable of stopping crimes before they happen

Appeals court ruled and upheld a decision that FBI agents planting a GPS on a citizens vehicle who has not been known to have committed a crime does not violate the fourth amendment.

Philadelphia “Stop and Frisk” amounts to racial profiling.

Bush admits he broke the law and permitted torture; apparently he is certain that he is above the law.
-More on the Bush torture and immunity        Q?docId=CNG.89c96e59c479e6364
Obama and Clinton both believe that countries “…can’t go forward without looking backwards.” Remember, this is the guy who came into office and said that we need to look ahead and not back at the old administration, and is currently refusing to prosecute those who broke the law before he became president.

There is no law regulating the CIA’s use of kidnapping, and it is completely legal if they send that prisoner to a third party group even if it is very likely they will be tortured.

UK also used enhance interrogation techniques that were equivalent to torture.

“Yet torture does not work. Previous torture advocate, Jean Jacques Massu, who led the French counterinsurgency campaign in Algeria in the 1960s and used torture widely, later declared that it fails to secure useful intelligence. Instead it strengthens enemies, legitimizing their own use of torture and terrorism. Even the CIA inspector general concluded that waterboarding in the ‘war on terror’ failed to yield any valuable intelligence pertaining to imminent security threats, and that the intelligence gained could have been acquired through legitimate means.”