The White Flag

Democracy Means ‘People Power’
October 31, 2010, 5:04 pm
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Many people do not vote because they do not think their opinion or vote, will matter. I have some news for those people, there are people out there who do know that their vote matters. Moreover, there are extremist out there who want to see things like abortion banned, or lower state revenue for social progress and state infrastructure. Everyone knows these people, though they are few, are the loudest and most zealous, thus, they get the most air time. And again, I guarantee they are voting. This reminds me of John Stewart’s Rally to Restore Sanity; the whole point it is that America is a nation of many different ideas, yet from watching our news people would get the feeling we are mainly tea partiers, which is not true at all.

Every vote counts! Consider this, in 2008 only 55% of the entire voting age came out to vote for president. If you do not think your vote counts, think of it like this: for every person who does not show up at the ballot, each vote is worth more, so if you do not show up at the polls, then everyone who comes to vote against your own beliefs will have a more powerful voice.
-The White Flag

America v. Islam:it is time to begin rounding up of all the renegade Muslims living in the country for the camps which will soon be prepared. Not really, but it might give the average American the illusion of safety.

Screening texts and emails to stop crimes before they happen, or the beginning of the thought police.

Arizona prepares to launch an unconstitutional bill that would bar children of illegal immigrants  the right to citizenship.

Tell the Attorney General Eric Holder that you believe states should be allowed to govern themselves, and to stay out of California’s proposition 19.

Confessions extracted during abuse are valid pieces of evidence, but the fact that he was tortured will not be considered when deliberating his sentence.

Less oversight for the CIA, because the pesky laws that the rest of us have to live by only get in their way.

Utilize your power. Go vote November 2nd.

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