The White Flag

Trading Freedom for Gas and Money
October 24, 2010, 5:02 pm
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John Locke believed that all humans have unalienable rights, that not even they themselves could give up. He believed that more than 300 years ago, yet today people still find it necessary to relinquish their rights. They often do so to protect themselves, this can be illustrated by the Patriot Act, which essentially stripped Americans of their right to privacy. People supported this act because they truly believed it would make America safer however; when the government is frequently denying people habeas corpus, when they’re openly targeting American citizens for assassination and torturing prisoners, I do not believe the people would be better off with less protection of individual rights, or giving more authority to a group that abuses the power it has.

As citizens of a state we never wish to see our own government as an enemy or a threat to our liberty, but if we do the other thing, and see them as a friendly infallible entity, like a parent, I believe we will all suffer. Before abandoning rights for safety we must realize what the consequences are. For instance, the Patriot Act even though it had a sunset clause is still in place under Barrack Obama, no one could have foreseen in 2001 that Obama would be implementing this bills power. Nor did people believe the government would use its power of secrecy to torture prisoners and commit other illegal acts.

The point being that giving up a right, no matter what right it may be, has many untold consequences, which need to be considered. And that giving up liberty means you have less protection over other liberties, and if a person has no liberties, then they have nothing worth protecting.
-The White Flag


The government has spied on so many people that they claim no single individual has the right to bring up a law suit against the government for its invasive spying.

New Florida immigration bill outlines how racial profiling will be executed, specifically against anyone who doesn’t look Canadian, or of western European decent, a.k.a, white people are exempt from discrimination.

Bush’s Attorney General, John Ashcroft, will be taken to court in Idaho for abuse of power; however, the Obama Administration contests that he should be immune, saying, it would damage law enforcement if he is prosecuted.,0,1755532.story

Government is monitoring our online social network accounts–But are these just pointless data mining operations, or is the government retaining all this data, and building files on innocent civilians?

Mandated loopholes for government surveillance in Internet services and accounts, like Blackberry, Gmail, and Skype.

Intelligent communities in Illinois are attempting to block over sight by the ACLU as Fusion Centers investigate average citizens as terrorists.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is accused of racial profiling and refuses to cooperate with the federal government–these action could end up costing his own county 113 million dollars in federal funding.

Civil Liberties
Gymboree, a children’s clothing company, uses cotton grown/picked by children who were removed from school and forced to work.


Afghan detainees have no right to view or challenge evidence against them, or as this article points out, the contents of their pockets is not even information that the detainee can know about.,0,5076247.story

War detainee abuses continue.

Child jailed at Guantanamo accused of killing a U.S. soldier on the battle field of Afghanistan.


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