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No President; We Have A Ruler
October 17, 2010, 5:01 pm
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Rule of law applies even to government or else we are left with men dictating the fate of other men based on their own sentiments and biases, which happens in a monarchy, not our beloved democracy.,0,3498742.story

One more nations ranking list where we can be reminded that America, in no way amounts to number one anymore

A few people having a vast majority of the wealth is not as good for the economy as a vast majority of the people having most of the wealth; it is unbelievable.

Prisoners at Guantanamo have gone to trial and come out victorious, yet they remain in the detention facility where we were to believe the worst of the worst were locked up–they remain there because congress is scared, and so they put a ban on allowing these people to live in the U.S., now U.S. want other countries to take these prisoners off their hands.

Data mining goes to social networking. Why would the government bother wasting its time and effort, as well as our money, to research data that no one is hiding? Or when is the last time a terrorist plot was thwarted because before the attack an Islamic extremists updated there Twitter to let members know where it was going down?

FBI further pursues law suit against peace activist who might have given their peaceful advice to terrorists, which is equivalent to material support.

Increased drug war efforts by the Mexican government have opened the market of human trafficking for the purpose of sex. It is Americans who want there sex and drugs, and since we can’t stop sex and drug use, wouldn’t it be better to have legal government regulated prostitution and drugs instead of making innocent Mexicans pay for our “impure” desires?

Rebuilding America.

Botched rescue mission followed by a cover up.

Everything the military does can be used as an excuse by al-Qaeda to kill U.S. and coalition troops, so cases requiring data from the military should be bared from court, no matter how horrendous, to protect the soldiers– does anyone really believe this stuff?

Obama insists on looking forward, which includes allowing people, like ex-president Gorge W. Bush, to be immune from going to court over how “War on Terror” prisoners were treated (tortured/abused).
New consistent reports of abuse in Afghanistan lead organizations to believe ill-treatment of detainees is still frequent.


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