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America the Free
October 3, 2010, 4:58 pm
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Execution style murder of an American citizen makes world news, except in America?

Obama says, nine years after the attacks on 11 September 2001, we’re still in an emergency!

Obama administration expresses the need for there to be no communication which is out of their reach for unregulated, and unwarranted surveillance.
“Leave aside the fact that endlessly increasing government surveillance is not only ineffective in detecting Terrorist plots and other crimes, but is actually counterproductive, as it swamps the Government with more data than it can possibly process and manage.”

What Obama does is perfectly legal, however, it is a secret so it’s immune to an investigation. Obama wants to expand the governments invasion of privacy, and at the same time he wants no court to investigate the validity of his own actions.

Peace activists’ homes searched by the FBI.

Freedom of speech entitles a person to free speech even if they intend on spreading horrible lies. It is sad that these people are allowed to hate like they do; however, this is America and we must uphold the constitution, even if it means having to get a warrant in order to investigate criminals. Because those laws that protect people’s right to do evil are the same laws that protect my rights as well.

U.S. government infects Guatemalan’s with syphilis to conduct experiments on the unwilling to find a cure.


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