The White Flag

It’s Time to Leave the Cave
September 26, 2010, 4:29 am
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War manifests awful things, many of which people would rather not know. No American wants to believe their soldiers—the one’s fighting for the “good guys”— are raping, murdering, and torturing innocent people. These thoughts are so disgusting and so unwanted that it’s near blasphemy to say these things are true. However, there is no debate whether these actions did happened, and now they are continuing. Obama has failed those who hoped he would fulfill his campaign promises to close Guantanamo, close secret prisons, restore habeas corpus, and so on. For the sake of allowing ourselves to make the best possible decisions, as well as allowing justice to prevail, it is imperative that we consider the validity of these accusations.

Obama’s executive branch is following in the foot steps of the Bush administration. This is important to note, Obama claimed that the secrecy of the Bush era was wrong, and a misuse of power, but now he uses the state secret privilege, just like Bush, to block cases seeking justice for persons who were tortured. The president will be quick to remind us, as he does nearly daily during his numerous television appearances, about the legislation he has helped passed on credit cards, health care, and college loans. Those are great achievements, however, this is not the progress we need, at least I do not believe these goals are higher goals than closing secret prisons where human rights are abused, or to simplify: the welfare of the people here in America, and that of those in the countries it occupies should be goal number one.
-The White Flag

Civil Liberties

Torture in Iraq continues.

Executive branch can do whatever it wants so long as it’s secret–how Obama will attempt to block the case against his intentions to kill an American citizen.

“State secret privilege” is also useful for blocking cases on torture.

The government goes full force to protect it’s citizens by waging a trillion dollar war, meanwhile, they refuse to make any real progress with the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board.

Broad definition of material support includes giving peaceful advice, and is punishable with 15 years in prison, if that support was going to a terrorist organization. Nothing new, but good to know if you didn’t.


He might not be the smartest soldier, but it’s leaks like the Apache Helicopter video that give the public over sight and an ability to ensure rule of law. Revealing a misdoing of the government, that would other wise be forever hidden from the public and remain unpunished, and even worse, uncorrected, is a service to America. A person risking their freedom to correct an injustice is a sacrifice which should be rewarded and not punished.

Veteran’s support Manning and say what was leaked was “commonplace”
“It’s imperative that we really think about these things.”
-Josh Stieber


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