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Economic Freedom at the Cost of Equality?
September 19, 2010, 4:27 am
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America has the highest rate of economic inequality of any ‘democracy’ in the world, with those at the top of the the economic food chain, that is the top 1%, own one third of the nation’s entire wealth. Bill Gates alone has accumulated more than $57 billion, and with all that money it is undeniable that a vast amount of power was also accumulated. What’s frightening, or of a potential danger, in this system is that these people were not elected, and have gained their power through wealth, and like the politician, they assume a position of of great responsibility. It is that reasoning alone which justifies a government regulated economy and the redistribution of wealth. Not to mention the reduction in crime, and poverty, as well as an increase in the nations standard of living, would also be offshoots from the redistribution of wealth. Support human equality by not allowing a small group of individuals to assume unchecked positions powers.
-White Flag


Obama preaches privacy rights, then assumes office and attempts to expand what electronic records surveillance agencies are allowed to view without a search warrant.

The great nation of opportunity faces extreme poverty

Privacy Victory–Court rules police need a warrant to use a GPS device to track someone motor vehicle.

Proposition to make a new tax bracket for people making one million dollars and more.

Contractors used in the MI oil spill clean up effort were exposed to unsafe working conditions on numerous occasions.

Device used to manipulate brain function may be installed in soldiers helmets.

The government is giving out tax dollars to select religious organizations, sound great? Here’s the catch, the oversight agency does not investigate unless there is a public complaint. Using the FOIA (freedom of information act) the ACLU has been attempting to gather information on these grants; however they have been denied access to what should be public information. So, now more tax dollars are spent battling the ACLU in court to deny them what is the right of every American.

War on Terror

An example of the war on terror’s sphere of influence–how the innocent suffer from one nation’s recklessness

Obama follows in Gorge W. Bush’s foot steps by fighting to protect CIA agents who have committed acts of torture.

Evidence surfaces that war prisoners were given some sort of hallucinogen like LSD, and may have be the reason why as many as four prisoners had taken their own lives


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