The White Flag

Debating What Free Speech Should Mean
September 5, 2010, 12:00 am
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Should people be allowed to criticize politicians, and whoever else they have a problem with? Yes, simply because the same freedom which allows them to be condescending, ensures that everyone is allowed to voice their opinion no matter who thinks differently. Being tolerant means being in favor of opposition, even if it is your own opposition. No single person, or group should have the power to dictate what is proper to say, because in doing so we jeopardize our own freedom. And worse, we might lose the whole truth; or the unquestioned truth could lose meaning to all who believe it. When it comes to considering what constitutes as free speech, the answer is simple: all speech.
-The White Flag

It’s a common fact that the FBI can begin an investigation on anyone without any evidence. Somehow no evidence is more warranting than just religion and ethnicity–the article states; however, how could religion and ethnicity ever be used as evidence for a crime? Think about it, if there was a crime being committed, why would a general and mundane fact like religion and skin color be used to convict or even investigate any person?

ACLU finally files suit to over Obama’s extrajudicial trial free targeted killings of citizens

What does free speech guarantee?

Afghan leaders possibly on CIA payroll

Civil Rights
Are public schools conditioning students to be okay with invasive surveillance? If not, is it possible that these students will grow up believing this type of big brother authoritarian style of rule, that they have been exposed to first eighteen years of their life is normal?

Courts rule in favor of allowing law enforcement to track any car with GPS, no warrant needed

It’s not a mosque at ground zero you don’t want, it is mosques in America

2010: Deadliest year for US troops in Afghanistan

Cops push for no oversight–man facing four-plus years in prison for making an audio recording of the arrest. Isn’t there a camera mounted in the front of almost all cop cars? Are security cameras subject to this law? Or is it only to prevent civilians from scrutinizing law enforcement?


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