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It’s Time to Leave the Cave
September 26, 2010, 4:29 am
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War manifests awful things, many of which people would rather not know. No American wants to believe their soldiers—the one’s fighting for the “good guys”— are raping, murdering, and torturing innocent people. These thoughts are so disgusting and so unwanted that it’s near blasphemy to say these things are true. However, there is no debate whether these actions did happened, and now they are continuing. Obama has failed those who hoped he would fulfill his campaign promises to close Guantanamo, close secret prisons, restore habeas corpus, and so on. For the sake of allowing ourselves to make the best possible decisions, as well as allowing justice to prevail, it is imperative that we consider the validity of these accusations.

Obama’s executive branch is following in the foot steps of the Bush administration. This is important to note, Obama claimed that the secrecy of the Bush era was wrong, and a misuse of power, but now he uses the state secret privilege, just like Bush, to block cases seeking justice for persons who were tortured. The president will be quick to remind us, as he does nearly daily during his numerous television appearances, about the legislation he has helped passed on credit cards, health care, and college loans. Those are great achievements, however, this is not the progress we need, at least I do not believe these goals are higher goals than closing secret prisons where human rights are abused, or to simplify: the welfare of the people here in America, and that of those in the countries it occupies should be goal number one.
-The White Flag

Civil Liberties

Torture in Iraq continues.

Executive branch can do whatever it wants so long as it’s secret–how Obama will attempt to block the case against his intentions to kill an American citizen.

“State secret privilege” is also useful for blocking cases on torture.

The government goes full force to protect it’s citizens by waging a trillion dollar war, meanwhile, they refuse to make any real progress with the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board.

Broad definition of material support includes giving peaceful advice, and is punishable with 15 years in prison, if that support was going to a terrorist organization. Nothing new, but good to know if you didn’t.


He might not be the smartest soldier, but it’s leaks like the Apache Helicopter video that give the public over sight and an ability to ensure rule of law. Revealing a misdoing of the government, that would other wise be forever hidden from the public and remain unpunished, and even worse, uncorrected, is a service to America. A person risking their freedom to correct an injustice is a sacrifice which should be rewarded and not punished.

Veteran’s support Manning and say what was leaked was “commonplace”
“It’s imperative that we really think about these things.”
-Josh Stieber


Economic Freedom at the Cost of Equality?
September 19, 2010, 4:27 am
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America has the highest rate of economic inequality of any ‘democracy’ in the world, with those at the top of the the economic food chain, that is the top 1%, own one third of the nation’s entire wealth. Bill Gates alone has accumulated more than $57 billion, and with all that money it is undeniable that a vast amount of power was also accumulated. What’s frightening, or of a potential danger, in this system is that these people were not elected, and have gained their power through wealth, and like the politician, they assume a position of of great responsibility. It is that reasoning alone which justifies a government regulated economy and the redistribution of wealth. Not to mention the reduction in crime, and poverty, as well as an increase in the nations standard of living, would also be offshoots from the redistribution of wealth. Support human equality by not allowing a small group of individuals to assume unchecked positions powers.
-White Flag


Obama preaches privacy rights, then assumes office and attempts to expand what electronic records surveillance agencies are allowed to view without a search warrant.

The great nation of opportunity faces extreme poverty

Privacy Victory–Court rules police need a warrant to use a GPS device to track someone motor vehicle.

Proposition to make a new tax bracket for people making one million dollars and more.

Contractors used in the MI oil spill clean up effort were exposed to unsafe working conditions on numerous occasions.

Device used to manipulate brain function may be installed in soldiers helmets.

The government is giving out tax dollars to select religious organizations, sound great? Here’s the catch, the oversight agency does not investigate unless there is a public complaint. Using the FOIA (freedom of information act) the ACLU has been attempting to gather information on these grants; however they have been denied access to what should be public information. So, now more tax dollars are spent battling the ACLU in court to deny them what is the right of every American.

War on Terror

An example of the war on terror’s sphere of influence–how the innocent suffer from one nation’s recklessness

Obama follows in Gorge W. Bush’s foot steps by fighting to protect CIA agents who have committed acts of torture.

Evidence surfaces that war prisoners were given some sort of hallucinogen like LSD, and may have be the reason why as many as four prisoners had taken their own lives

Hopefully Peace is Born from all this Destruction
September 12, 2010, 4:23 am
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Abhorrent displays of human behavior often instills doubt that the world will change, that after all this war there will be some sort peace. With good reason, war will only breed more war.

”[…]for every innocent person you kill, you create 10 new enemies[…]”
-General Stanley A. McChrystal

The only hope that those who know what a better world really looks like have is faith in their influence. One persons actions effect a multitude of other people. So long as those knowledgeable of the truth act with a sense of duty, not to what would benefit themselves or others, but instead to uphold the duty of what is intrinsically right and wrong, change will come.

Man is slowly crawling away from his animal roots. I propose we recognize instinct and habit as the animal qualities they are, and those who can do this should strive to separate themselves from these attributes in an attempt to be apart of the human movement to improve human progress, continuing to make society a more civil and humane place to live.
-White Flag

Join the discussion.

Civil Rights
Elections in Afghanistan are corrupt and under attack from the Taliban and others who don’t wish to see these people liberated.

Iranian mother of two sentenced to death by public stoning for adultery after already receiving 99 lashes in a case of mistaken identity.

Racial profiling; the list in America only gets bigger. Does it bother anyone that sixty times more people die on U.S. roads, during car accidents, than the number of people killed by terrorist attacks in the entire world? Or that we’ve spent a trillion dollars, thus far, fighting an enemy who is hardly of any real danger to us. Anti-inflammatory drugs(aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen, etc.) are sold over the counter, and yet they account for more than 7,000 deaths a year, that’s ten times more than global terrorism. We have people in American still dealing with our financial crisis, losing their homes, starving to death, kids growing up with a poor education, unable to afford college, people living in fear because the poor condition of their neighborhood; However it’s more important to stop terrorism, than to allocate money to improve social settings and assure every American gets what they need to live a full, free, and happy life.

Discrimination and warrant-less searches of electronic devices.

Taliban kill many in Pakistan and proudly proclaim plans of attack in the U.S. and European nations.

The war is over, but the deaths continue

American intolerance threatens military goals in middle east, and puts American soldiers lives at risk, says General Petraeus. You mean when we defame the religion of the people we’re trying to help, they become enraged and turn against us, because there religion is sacred to them? It’s difficult to begin wrapping your mind around.

U.S. military platoon having some fun in the sun, taking advantage of all the perks involved with their authority,  killing civilians, covering it up, taking their body parts as awards, you know the things that all civilized nations do at war.

Debating What Free Speech Should Mean
September 5, 2010, 12:00 am
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Should people be allowed to criticize politicians, and whoever else they have a problem with? Yes, simply because the same freedom which allows them to be condescending, ensures that everyone is allowed to voice their opinion no matter who thinks differently. Being tolerant means being in favor of opposition, even if it is your own opposition. No single person, or group should have the power to dictate what is proper to say, because in doing so we jeopardize our own freedom. And worse, we might lose the whole truth; or the unquestioned truth could lose meaning to all who believe it. When it comes to considering what constitutes as free speech, the answer is simple: all speech.
-The White Flag

It’s a common fact that the FBI can begin an investigation on anyone without any evidence. Somehow no evidence is more warranting than just religion and ethnicity–the article states; however, how could religion and ethnicity ever be used as evidence for a crime? Think about it, if there was a crime being committed, why would a general and mundane fact like religion and skin color be used to convict or even investigate any person?

ACLU finally files suit to over Obama’s extrajudicial trial free targeted killings of citizens

What does free speech guarantee?

Afghan leaders possibly on CIA payroll

Civil Rights
Are public schools conditioning students to be okay with invasive surveillance? If not, is it possible that these students will grow up believing this type of big brother authoritarian style of rule, that they have been exposed to first eighteen years of their life is normal?

Courts rule in favor of allowing law enforcement to track any car with GPS, no warrant needed

It’s not a mosque at ground zero you don’t want, it is mosques in America

2010: Deadliest year for US troops in Afghanistan

Cops push for no oversight–man facing four-plus years in prison for making an audio recording of the arrest. Isn’t there a camera mounted in the front of almost all cop cars? Are security cameras subject to this law? Or is it only to prevent civilians from scrutinizing law enforcement?